ANOTHER Ltd Edition Soulmates PANTHER to be released !

In the color of Orange Shine crystal!
  • Designed by Heinz Tabertshofer
  • Numbered on the cut Black Spot granite base 
  • Limited to 888 issues
  • Size21 X 18 cm (8 1/4 X 7 1/16 inches)
  • Availabilityexclusively in the Swarovski Online Shop on August 29, 2011 (European Time)
  • First come, first served basis while stock lasts.
  • This is the 3rd Soulmates Panther released in color. The previous releases: 
  • Crystal Moroda, reflecting the Panther’s natural color from a metallic blue to warm bronze with brown-black tones, retailing at $960. This is not an online exclusive & currently available (2011).
  • Black Panther, another online exclusive of 500 that was only available for 48 hours before selling out (2010) for $960 and retired. It is valued in excess of $3,000.
  • Swarovski produced 33 different colors of the Panther.
  • The Crystal Soulmates Panther was first introduced in 2007 and retires this year (2011).
Will Crystal Fanatics get a bit wary of these on-line exclusive repeats ?
Stay Tuned!
Photos of ALL the Soulmates Panthers in ALL their various colors are in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Galleries!  
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