Swarovski Horses

The Swarovski Soulmates Satin Stallion is Swarovski’s newest addition to its Collection of Horses.
Designed by Heinz Tabertshofer, it is made of faceted Satin crystal standing on a Caffee Brown granite base.  
Retail price is approximately $1025 USD.

Swarovski has produced a number of Horses since 2000:

In 2002, a small Zodiac Horse was released, designed by Anton Hirzinger & retired in 2005.

The Horse (formerly from the Symbols line) by Mario Dilitz – Retired in 2006
Arabian Stallion by Martin Zendron – Retired in 2005
Swarovski White Stallion by Martin Zendron –  Retired 2005
The Mare
by Stefanie Nederegger – Retires in 2011
The Foals
by Martin Zendron retire in 2011, to be replaced by a new color rendition
The Stallion, designed by Stefanie Nederegger, introduced in 2007, a fairly large piece & still available for purchase.

A Chinese Zodiac Horse is being released in 2011 in Golden Shine with Smoked Topaz eyes on a Faceted clear crystal base, featuring the name of the animal in English and traditional Chinese seal script.

In 2009, in collaboration with students from the Central Academy of the Fine Arts in Beijing, a Chinese Silver Shade Zodiac Horse was issued.
Also issued in 2009, Amurath Arabian Stallion, a Numbered Limited Edition from the elite Crystal Myriad Collection, designed by Elisabeth Adamer & is no longer available. Amurath was Limited to 300 individually numbered pieces worldwide & crafted with 32,098 hand-set Jet, Crystal Metallic Blue and Mocca crystals.

Released in 2011, 3 Swarovski Lovlots Horses have been released – Rosalie, Jasmine & Jade, a Limited Edition, all designed by Peter Heidegger.

One of the largest horse figurines was the Swarovski Wild Horses, a dazzling Beauty that was a numbered limited edition (NLE) figurine available in 2001 to Members of SCS.  Only 10,000 were produced.  Designed by Martin Zendron, & now retired, it had a retail price of $4,000.

Other figurines of horses were released in the past in various sizes and shapes in the E&R Circus Collection, as well as the E&R Great Wilderness Collection, Crystal Memories, & by Zales Jewelers.

ALL of these issues can be viewed in our FABULOUS CFC Photo Galleries !

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