Swarovski ‘Hello Kitty’ Collaboration with Sanrio

Watch Out Folks! Here comes Hello Kitty!

The maker of  Hello Kitty has collaborated with Swarovski to produce several New Swarovski issues, to be released in the Fall/Winter 2011/2012 season.  

Included in the list of items to be launched are ….

Swarovski Hello Kitty Purses, Card Holders, Assorted Jewelry and 3 Limited Editions – One of them will cost $12,000 and only 88 of them will be available for purchase.
Jewelry includes 7 necklaces and pendants, 3 bracelets, 2 rings and several pairs of earrings.

Natalie Cohen (from Swarovski) states, “As a fan from day one, I saw an obvious connection between the magical sparkle of crystal and the bright, playful world of Hello Kitty.”

We’ve heard that the Swarovski Hello Kitty collection will be available in Sanrio’s 1,900 stores, beginning in August. 

We recently asked a full Chat Room of Crystal Fanatics what they thought of the NEW Hello Kitty product line that is now featured in our Crystal Fanatics Photo Galleries.., we didn’t have an overwhelming positive response. 

What do You Think ???

Will the packaging be different? Or, will it have a special ‘Hello Kitty’ design?
Will there be a Swarovski logo too ?


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One thought on “Swarovski ‘Hello Kitty’ Collaboration with Sanrio

  1. Crystalfoxy says:

    So Hello Kitty is going to join Swarovski this year? I see lots of Hello Kitty Stores so it must still be a hot item. I am anxious to see the pieces.

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