The Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions (NLE)

Swarovski issued the first Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) in 1995, with the introduction of the ‘The Eagle’. The NLE’s are only available to Members of the Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS), and on the Secondary Market after the piece retires (usually the same year), and limited to an issue of 10,000 pieces.
The piece is Numbered and Laser etched with the Swan logo, the year of issue, and the Designer’s Signature. Adi Stocker was the Designer for The Eagle. Its bill and talons are in solid Sterling Silver, and rhodium-plated to prevent tarnishing. A framed certificate is with the signatures of Adi Stocker and Helmut Swarovski is included.
Only 2,900 of 10,000 Eagles were allocated for distribution in the U.S. to SCS members.
The Eagle was created to commemorate Swarovski´s 100th Anniversary and comes in special case with a key to secure case closure.
The Eagle originally sold for $1,750 and today is worth thousands more to collectors.
One problem that seems to prevail with this piece is the feathers fall off at the glue joints; however the following issues don’t seem to have any major problems.

The Eagle was followed by the Peacock in 1998, The Wild Horses in 2001, The Bull in 2004 (both well-liked issues), the Black Bull in 2005 (only 1,000 of these were issued and it is now worth in excess of $15,000), The Elephant in 2006, and the Rhinoceros in 2008 ( a big flop for Swarovski).

A NEW NLE will be issued in April 2011.
And, IF you are a member of the Crystal Fanatics Club, you’ve already seen the stunning photos of this piece in Full Living Color! It is Spectacular!

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One thought on “The Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions (NLE)

  1. Robert says:

    I own all of the above limited editions. But by far my favorite is The Wild Horses.

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