WE Are the ‘Crystal Fanatics’

WHO  Are the ‘Crystal Fanatics’ ? ? ?

What is  a Fanatic‘? 
A person filled with excessive, single-minded zeal and enthusiasm for a particular a person, place or thing.
Who are the Crystal Fanatics ? –  Members of the Crystal Fanatics Club who are sincerely interested in sharing their passion for their crystal collection with a lighthearted rapport between or among friends. 

Some pretend to claim the ‘right’ to the ‘Crystal Fanatics‘ name, but they only Sell to Buyers; it’s their only intent. Our Crystal Fanatics Club members form the heart of a community united by an affinity for Swarovski Crystal.

Crystal Fanatics truly describes our  ‘avid crystal collectors’ from around the world who Enjoy a Spirit of Friendly Passion for Swarovski Crystal via our CrystalFanaticsClub.com website. 

Are you a Crystal Fanatic ?

  • Do you collect Swarovski Crystal ?  Is it proudly displayed in your home?
  • Do you love sharing your passion for collecting with others? 
  • Do you want to know what the New Issues are now?
  • Are you busy on a daily basis buying and/or selling Swarovski collectibles in the online auctions? 
  • Do you search for Swarovski crystal pieces, looking for all possible logos and variations? 
  • Is it exciting to search for that rare, extraordinary Swarovski issue?
If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you just might  be a ‘Crystal Fanatic’ too!

Being a Crystal Fanatic is FUN
COME JOIN other Swarovski collectors from around the world who are members of our Crystal Fanatics Club site at:

The ‘Official’ Club For Collectors of Swarovski Crystal

Pat King

©Copyright 1999-2011. Crystal Fanatics Club, Inc.
*For Collectors of Swarovski Crystal*
®All Rights Reserved.

The *Crystal Fanatics Club* is an independent and privately owned company that provides an internet club site for Swarovski collectors world-wide. The *Crystal Fanatics Club* is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by, any world-wide division of Swarovski A.G.


One thought on “WE Are the ‘Crystal Fanatics’

  1. CFC says:

    Reposted due to absurd allegations."If you are successful, you may win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway."

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